Astrology Consultation with MAHENDRA WAGH offers a full range of astrological services. Your astrological reading / consultation / counselling will take place at the ASTRO VAASTU COUNSELLING center in person, or by telephonic conversation, or by email,or by courier services, delivered at your doorstep. you can choose your convenient option. For any type of consultation / In-depth horoscope analysis / counselling / advice / guidance / motivation / communication / services you will call on +91 9970851947 and fix or schedule a prior appointment.
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Horoscope forecasts, accurate future predictions. In-depth horoscope analysis. Major life events & astrology. Planetary positions, aspects, significance & combinations. Education, health, marriage, career, fortune etc and day to day concerns of life, solutions, advice & guidance on horoscope reading.

  • Horoscope making
  • Horoscope charting
  • Horoscope analysis and interpretation
  • Influence of cosmos, planets, stars and constellation
  • Horoscope and personality development
  • Astrological analysis on day to day problems and concerns.
  • How is the day, month, year ahead
  • Your moon zodiac sign and significance
  • Your sun zodiac sign and significance
  • Astrological predictions
  • Planetary positions and combinations in your horoscope
  • Events and times
  • Janmarashi / janmakshara (Name from horoscope)
  • Gana / Nadi / etc. (Nakshatra based)