The need of  Marriage Counselling :
To save a marriage from grave marital tragedies, to trace irreconcilable difference between the couple, damaging their marriage bounding. Matching of charts requires many years of practical experience, perfect understanding of the theoretical aspects of astrology. To establish the strongholds of the family concepts, which our great Indian culture has given us. The concept of family faces danger today. Family institution is fastly disintegrating. Thus children born out of separation, divorce etc. live with grate psychological barrier Matching of charts is a long drawn process and takes into account several important factors.

Astrological Marriage Match Making:
A popular saying goes… marriages are made in heaven. We celebrate them on earth!! Seeking a proper marriage consultation through astrology guides truly what future beholds for a prosperous married life. Astrological marriage matchmaking is a unique tool helpful for a healthy prosperous married life. The compablity chart indicates the harmony of a successful marriage. Astrological consultation solves the queries such as will the marriage prosper? When will marriage take place? What are the hurdles in married life? heath, wealth, sex, romance, children, career, separation, divorce, second marriage etc. and many such questions can be answered properly with the help astrology. Pre marriage & post marriage counseling helps to live a happy married life. Mental aberrations, psychic elements causing distarbance in married life can certainly be overcome through astrological consultation.

Astrological Marriage matchmaking is of course a great work of expertise, deep knowledge, dedication. The purpose of matchmaking is not only to make a marriage happier but also make it last longer. Marriages are many times finalized without astrological matchmaking. Sooner or later in most cases marriage turns into a disaster bringing in opinion differences, clashes, quarrels, unrest, suspicions, physical abusements etc.hence matching of charts is a very important dimension of astrology. The importance of astrological matchmaking is to avoid post marital disasters. Many a times just to follow the tradition marriage matchmaking is done on the 36 point system on a very casual approach. Such matchmaking, which is done in a hurry may be hazardous, and often defames the astrology faculty on the whole. So astrological analysis after matchmaking is of great importance. This thorough analysis of both the horoscope warns about the possible marriage breakedown, incompatibility, mental, physical, psychological barriers., infidelity, loss of partner. If there is some negativity in the chart one can be warned accordingly. One can take some preventive measures to avoid certain negativities. The sole purpose of the practice of horoscope is a ancient tradition to establish harmony, wellbeing, happiness in married life. The astrological matchmaking process secures a well defined marriage on the context of peace, progress. harmony ,progeny, family values, happiness. What are the key factors to match a chart are thoroughly intricate comprehensively for a better marriage prospectus. the institute of marriage is facing grave dangers in the present era of modern thoughts, neo western concepts, liberal moral afflictions. Thus the concept of family oneness also faces danger of many faceths.slowly the concept of family is fastly disintegrating bad marriages turn into broken families. Disputed marriages turns into havoc leading to forced separation, divorce etc.Children born out of such unsuccessful marriages are left to live a miserable life gathering a deep psychological impact for the rest of the life to live with. Actually the institute of marriage is the mother school to train the ethics of family culture, family values, moral & social upbringing. It helps to build a healthy society enriched with traditions to follow. A stable marriage not only builds a family but it contributes to build a society, a nation on large full of traditional moral and social values. So it can be very well said that matching a marriage chart leads to a prosperous society, enriched family & empowering a powerful mighty nation at large. Marital tragedies and premature termination of marriage can be very well avoided if one consults for a perfect astrological matchmaking process.

Muhurta of a Marriage: Timing is a very important aspect of any particular event. For a marriage to prosper the timing of the particular event if properly drafted adds to the stability, longetivity, prosperity of the desired event. Hence the charting of muhurta is properly inscribed from the horoscope of both the partners. The CHANDRABALA, GURUBALA, NAKSHATRA, etc points are taken into consideration.

Compatibility of chart on the 36 point system. Answers on all your questions you were wanted to know about marriage, marital happiness and matching of charts.

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