Dr. Mahendra V. Wagh

Dr. Mahendra V. Wagh, concept astrologer, vaastu advisor, astromind counsillor.

Shri Mahendra V. Wagh is a fullfledged professional astrologer & vaastushastra consultant. His practice spans over more than 15 years. He specializes in concept astrology, vaastu analysis and astromind counselling. He has successfully handled more than 20 thousand cases unriching peace, progress, prosperity, success & wellbeing.

Academically he has been entittled Jyotish visharad, Vaastuvidya vachaspati, vaastushiromani Jyotish pravin Jyotishacharya from various astrology and vaastu faculties.He has done masters programme in the stream of political science.He is the author of the much aclaimed book on Vaastushastra titled “Vaastushastra: saukhya aani samruddhisathi”. “SAMMOH” a exclusive collection of poems is also published. His articles on astrology are apprieciated . 15 years of dedicated practice,research and analysis sets the incredible track record of perfect guidance, true advice & soothing positive confluence on astrology & vaastu related concerns.This endevour has won him laurels and heartfelt gratitude of many many satisfied clients.

Many a troubled marriages were saved from the grieve clutches of separation through astromarriage counselling. His vaastu consultation bridges harmony between cosmos, five great elements and the individual resulting in heavenly bliss. Truely he is guided by the legacy of ancient Vedas ,Puranas & the blessings of the 18 great MAHARISHIS.