Astro Vaastu Counselling:

Every one is always curious to know what life has in store for him and catch a glimpse of the future. It is precisely because of this reason that the science of ASTROLOGY with its numerous branches is much acclaimed, read & studied all over the globe. ASTROLOGY is unraveling the mystery of human life, which is hidden in the twelve houses of a horoscope, twelve zodiacs signs, nine planets and twenty-seven constellations.

Specialised Consultation & Counselling Services In Astrology: Accurate astrological predictions for future aspect of life trailing the present times. Effective emphasis to provide astrological solutions to day-to-day problems & concerns in any aspect of life. Soothing & counseling the inner soul to uplift from the drags & clutches of adversities, crunches, grieves pressures & miseries of life. Astrological Readings / Consultation / Predictions On Very Specific Questions Such As Peace Of Mind , Health , Wealth , Education , Success , Failures , Career , Job ,Business , Money , Growth , Promotion , Marriage , Marriage Match Making , Children , Love Life , Romance , Relationships , Sex-life , Losses, Gains, Properties , Loans , Mental Illness , Instability , Addiction , Bad Habits regarding present & future times.

Vaastu Shastra Consultation: Vaastu Shastra truly is the ancient legacy of INDIAN culture given to the world for the well-being of mankind. The systematic applied study of the constructed structure with due resemblance to the cosmic energies , five great elements , four main directions , four sub directions, deities, nine planets, and the DWELLER . VAASTU is the COSMIC BRIDGE between the highway of TIME and valley of SPACE. Thus bridging TIME & SPACE is a great work of expertise & knowledge. If the guidelines of VAASTU are followed then PEACE, PROGRESS, PROSPERITY, HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS, WELLBEING can be achieved. The ancient science makes aware of miseries, disasters, calamities, adversities, pains, failures, negativities, diseases & financial losses. Events in life happen in consonance with time & direction. VAASTU synchronizes cosmos with five great elements, energies & directions.

The echoes of the ANCIENT INDIAN SCIENCE OF STRUCTURE, THE VAASTU SHASTRA, can be heard from the oldest scriptures that existed many thousands years ago. These works are amongst the oldest of humanity, and is marked with a wide range of useful tips for the well-being of mankind. Covering the vastness & immensity of the Ancient Indian Works On Vaastushastra, Like Maymatam, Mansaram, Manushyalaya Chandrika, Viswakarmaprakash, Samrangan Sutradhar… is akin to capturing a gigantic ocean in a small vessel.

Astrological Marriage Consultation: Marriage Matchmaking, Muhurta, marriage prospectus, marriage timings, the MANGLIK FACTOR, marital happiness, relationships, children, arrange marriage, love marriage, separation, divorce, second marriage, marriage counseling, sex life, health, career. Astrological tips for happy marriage, delay in marriage, no marriage.

Astrological Psychology Counselling human mind is one of Gods most precious gift to mankind. Man can change his fate by his thoughts. Strong will power can overcome fate. Positive thoughts release vibrant energy within self to achieve the desired. Negative thoughts release dull energy & negative hormones which makes us ill. MIND is such a unique tool with whose help a prosperous future can be achieved. By constantly feeding mind with positive thoughts, we can control our destiny. Optimism is merely a matter of mental attitude, nurturing HOPE. Hope truly is essential element of mind, because if hope is destroyed, then FUTURE is ruined .The search of peace & happiness is never ending process. This constant quest lands always in unhappiness & sufferings. Desires, materialistic pleasures, edd , ego, create pains & sufferings. Pains & sufferings disturbs the mental conditions, disturbed mind creates psychic problems. Psychological disturbance affects the human life. Tracking this psychological disturbance through astrology is an art & work of expertise.

Astrological Career & Job Consultation:  Education is the base of any career aspect. Getting proper education depends on many factors such as self caliber, good reasoning, strong memory, good handwriting, proper schooling, expert teachers, perfect faculties, sustainable financial condition, family background etc. Apart from proper effort & concentration luck factor counts. Astrological career guidance helps to plan, execute & achieve desired career. Astrology answers most asked questions on which career to chose? How to study? Concentration, Efforts, Career Path, Determination, Desire To Study, Education Streams & Faculties, Graduation & Post Graduation, Abroad Studies & Career , Interviews & Jobs, Business Prospectus, Hurdles In Career, How To Over Come Hurdles? Competitive Exams, Defence & Police Administration Services, Etc.

Numerology Consultation: Numbers have powers! Grab the power within you. Explore the magic of numbers. Numbers play a significant role in life. Decode your lucky number. A numerology prediction answers questions like Your Lucky Number, Principle Number, Lucky Day, Lucky Colour, Positive Names, Changes in Spelling according To Numerology, Numerology Consultation.

Palmistry Consultation: Understanding the lines on palm is a very ancient art & practice. Lines on palm reveal your life & times. Every line on your palm has significance. Applying this significance in life nurtures prosperity & progress. Most Common Questions On Palmistry( M C Qs ) Fate Line , Life Line , Marriage Line , Mounts, Progressive Lines, Health Line , Career Line , Money